What Programs and Initiatives are Available for Immigrants in Los Angeles County?

Learn about programs & initiatives available for immigrants in LA County from CHIRLA & LA County Office of Immigrant Affairs. Find out about grants & public art commissions.

What Programs and Initiatives are Available for Immigrants in Los Angeles County?

The Los Angeles County Office of Immigrant Affairs is committed to helping immigrants understand the services available to them and their families. CHIRLA, an organization that works to create a just society that fully includes immigrants, encourages its members to take part in training and activities that empower them as community leaders. This could include marching, sharing their stories with legislators, knocking on doors, making calls, and providing the fuel that makes the movement work. The Creative Strategist-Artist in Residence program is a recommendation of the Cultural Equity and Inclusion Initiative.

This program brings together artists, art managers, or other creative workers from county departments to collaborate with staff, project partners, and community stakeholders in a joint effort to develop, strategize, promote, and implement artist-driven solutions to complex social issues.

The Los Angeles County Office of Immigrant Affairs

achieves its purpose through various strategies such as increasing the acquisition of funding resources available to the AIAN community, advocating for policies that improve the health and well-being of AIAN individuals, and collecting and disseminating information about AIAN individuals in Los Angeles County. This program supports County Cultural Policy and serves as a model for intersectoral projects based on arts and community engagement with county departments to support equity in all areas of civic life.

Community and senior centers in Los Angeles County

offer a wide range of services and provide opportunities for daily learning, skill improvement, community engagement, socialization, and healthy living for residents of all ages.

The Los Angeles County Office of Violence Prevention (OVP) works to strengthen coordination, capacity, and partnerships to address the root causes of violence and promote policies and practices that are based on racial equity to prevent all forms of violence and promote healing in all communities in Los Angeles County. The Los Angeles County Department of Art and Culture is dedicated to promoting the arts, culture, and creativity throughout Los Angeles County. LANAIC's primary goal is to improve the health and well-being of the American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN) community in Los Angeles. The mission of the Department of Mental Health is to optimize the hope, well-being, and life trajectory of the most vulnerable in Los Angeles County through access to care and resources that promote not only independence and personal recovery but also community connection and reintegration.

The University of California at Los Angeles offers a Master's degree in Studio Art with a specialization in New Genres. There are also public art commissions available for the Orange and Silver Lines of the Metro as well as the Los Angeles Zoo. SuperCommunity is a civic technology and art collaboration located in Los Angeles that provides opportunities for artists. Additionally, there are grants available from organizations such as Center for Cultural Innovation, California Community Foundation, city of Los Angeles, Art Matters scholarships, Monbusho grant, etc.

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